Which Amazon Beauty Product Am I Currently Obsessed With?

Amazon has become one of the most popular websites for shopping in Canada. It is my go-to site for finding great deals on everyday essentials, but I often over looked them as a source for beauty and skincare products. Who doesn't love finding a skincare deal so good it's basically a steal? That is exactly how I felt about Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay the first time I ordered some from Amazon. It was advertised as a deep pore cleanser and knowing it was an all-natural beauty product, made me even more tempted to try it out.

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Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay is a bentonite clay powder which is an ingredient that cleans and detoxifies your skin. How great is that? You want to know what's even better? It is also gentle, making it ideal for pretty much any skin type. I don't know about you, but I'm always looking for a product that won't irritate my skin while clearing up oil.

In one of my previous posts 15 Natural Ingredients For Flawless Skin I mention various ingredients you can find at home that are great for creating DIY facials. You can use any of the ingredients from that post to mix with this healing clay to create your ideal mixture. I recommend mixing equal amounts of clay powder and liquid of choice, that way you can add a little more powder or liquid to get your desired texture. (I prefer something similar to pudding thickness wise.)

When I make my mixtures I usually pick two liquid bases to work with (2 scoops clay, 1 scoop each of liquid). Liquid doesn't always have to mean something drinkable in this case, just something wet. it could be aloe vera, honey, mayonnaise...whatever ingredient you please!

Don't be afraid to get experimental. Bring essential oils out to play for your DIY facial. The following types of essential oil are great for helping you achieve clear skin :
Clean and nice smelling skin for the win!

Of course you didn't think I would finish this post off without sharing my favorite facial recipe using Aztec Secret's Healing Clay, did you?

What You Need: 
When you mix the healing clay with apple cider vinegar it creates a nice foaming effect. It is not harsh like the vinegar and baking soda combination so many of us experimented with back in elementary school. This foam mixture actually feels nice on the skin. I keep apple cider vinegar in my bathroom now just for mixing with this product.

Honey has always been one of my favorite base ingredients for DIY facials. Sometimes I just spread honey on my face and let it gently clean my pores. If you have dry skin, honey can be such a soothing natural cleanser. 

Tea tree oil is probably the best essential oil for cleaning oil and bacteria out of your pores. Mixing a couple drops of this oil with water can also work as a DIY toner for after your facial. 

When mixing the ingredients for this facial make sure it is well blended and all there are no lumps remaining. If your mixture is still too lumpy add a dash of apple cider vinegar to smooth it out. You don't want the mixture to be too liquidy either, it will just run down your face and possibly get into your eyes. Ideally your facial should spread on your face like smooth butter, with no worries of it sliding off. 

Always make sure you have a clean face before applying your facial. It won't be able to cleanse your pores properly if they are blocked by makeup or lotion.

Now that you have your mask ready, sit back for about 15 mins and let it do its job!

Once you rinse you're facial off you should notice your skin looking a lot cleaner and more radiant. You're not finished yet though. After your rinse, you should use a toner to clean off any remaining dirt and oil. I would recommend using a toner with tea tree oil or witch hazel, such as Thayer's Facial Toner. To finish off the job you will need a good moisturizer, such as Burt Bee's Complete Nourishment Facial Oil

Have you tried using bentonite clay in your  DIY facial recipes yet? You're in for a much-deserved treat when you do. Oh, and did I mention it's actually very affordable. A 1lb container of the clay powder is less than $15 on Amazon! Let me know in the comments what your ideal clay facial mixture is. 


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