Gift Ideas For Introverts

Dating an introvert has its perks. They generally don't enjoy being the center of attention, which means they will never talk over you. If you have an interesting story or just need to vent, your beloved introvert will always have an open ear. Their circle of friends is small. If you're lucky enough to be in their life, you're one of the few people in this world that they think "doesn't suck". They see something good in you, or else they wouldn't bother with you at all.

If you're lucky enough to be in love with an introvert, this Valentine's Day (or any day for that matter) you should do something special to show them you care. Flowers and chocolate are always an amazing choice for your lover, but these gift suggestions will show that you appreciate their personality. (They all pair nicely with the flowers and chocolate combo anyways!)

I have put together a list of introvert loving themed gifts available at to help you find the perfect gift for your introvert. This list is for anyone who is dating an introvert, as it covers gifts to give for all genders. This post contains affiliate links, to learn more click here.

The Friend's Fan

If your loved one is forever a Friend's fan, then they will love this You're My Lobster mug. According to Pheobe, a lobster is the person who one is supposed to be with forever. Gift this mug to your lobster.

The Fitness Buff

Enhance your partner's workout routine with this book that will also take their sex drive to a new level. Karma Sutra Workout by DK is the first book to combine Karma Sutra positions with fitness based workouts. This book includes over 300 illustrated sexual exercises to keep you guys busy.

The Homebody

Send your lover a message they will love with this "Let's Stay In" Farmhouse Decor Sign. This is a message any introvert can appreciate, as it's words they often live by. I think it would look best hung above the bed if someone gave this to me.

The Foodie

Treat your food-loving significant other to something every foodie loves, a new cook book! Let's Stay In by Ashley Rodriguez is a great cook book for introverts, with over 120 nourishing recipes. Cooking fans give Ashley Rodriguez a lot of praise, and the recipes in this book live up to it.   

The One Who Needs A Break

Does your partner work hard? One thing every hard worker deserves is a massage. If your dating an introvert, they're most likely not going to want to book an appointment to go to a spa for a massage with a professional. That doesn't mean they shouldn't be treated to one. Make the massage a sensual experience with Maple Holistics Sensual Berry Edible Massage Oil at home. (Bonus: your partner can also use this oil on you too!)

The Best "On A Budget Gift"

For just shy of $10 you can pour your heart out, and really show your significant other how much you care, with the Me Without You, What Would I Do? Journal. This is an illustrated greeting card style journal that allows you to write down everything that makes your partner special to you. I think this is one of the sweetest gifts to show any loved one how much they mean to you.

Or consider the less mushy, but just as effective, It's Our Fucking History & Other Shit Memory Jounral (for under $7!)

The Tim Burton Fan

Tim Burton's Nightmare Before Christmas has become a holiday classic for every Halloween lover that attempts to embrace the Christmas season. Jack and Sally have become romance icons over the past few decades for Tim Burton fans. Think outside the box and give your partner this Jack and Sally Wall Clock. Keep the romance alive whenever they check the time. 

The One With The Great Beard

Say I love you with a little self-care kit. If the man in your life grows a beard throughout winter (or any time of year) give him this Bestope 8 pc Beard Kit to keep his beard looking sexy. These are pamper kits for a manly man who doesn't like making small talk with the barber.

The Couch Potato

Just because someone is a couch potato does not mean they are lazy. A lot of introverts just want to kick back and enjoy their quiet time after a long day (or week) at work, and nobody should make them feel guilty about it. If you really love them then help them relax even more with this Sofa Armrest Snack Tray for Valentine's day. Give them what they really want by making snacking while binge-watching murder documentaries simpler. 

The Sleepyhead

Make her your Valentine with these heart printed pajamas so she knows she's loved every time she gets cozy. One of the best feelings is going to bed knowing you're loved, remind her of that with these colorful pj's.

If your significant other would rather hit the couch than hit the club on a Friday night consider my list of gift ideas when doing your Valentine's Day shopping this year. Make them feel special by giving a gift that shows you know them.


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