13 Things To Make Life Easier During A Power Outage

At the beginning of September, I spent 6 days without power. Hurricane Dorian made his way through Atlantic Canada and took our electricity out with him. Luckily everyone in my area was safe and only minor damage had been done to the neighbourhood.

Knowing this hurricane was coming I had time to prepare. Our local power company predicted this storm could leave us without power for approximately 3 days. They suggested stocking up on food/water, have a first aid kit ready, and to make sure we had flashlights and candles handy as well.

We live in a world where we have become very dependent on electricity for our basic needs and it wasn't until I went 6 days without power that I realized how much I rely on it. There were certain items I had ready for the power outage and of course, there were items that I wish I had.

Last week they were predicting another storm that could have taken out the power again. Luckily that didn't happen, but it did inspire me to get a list ready for you guys.

I have come up with a list of items that can make your life much easier if the power goes out for an extended amount of time. If you don't own a power generator than consider this list next time a heavy storm is coming your way. If you lose power it's better to be over-prepared than under.

1. Your Water Situation

Having extra jugs of drinking water is essential, but what if the water in your house stops running? Have a few spare pots/jugs/etc. of tap water available just in case. It's also a good idea to fill up your bathtub. If the water runs out and you live in a home with multiple people you're going to want that tub of water to flush the toilet.

2. Gas

It's a very good idea to fill the gas tank to your car. Even though many stores have generators, and even ones without generators were open, one thing we were not able to get during the outage was gas. During a power outage your car may be the only source you have to charge your phone as well.

3. Cash

You may notice a few stores open even though there is no power. They are working with what they have so people who run out of supplies (or those who didn't take the storm warnings seriously) can still grab what they need. Without power these places are unable to operate their debit machines. In the odd case you run out of something, or are just bored and want to take a walk to the store, you will need cash to make a purchase.

4. What About The Food In My Fridge/Freezer?

After the storm, I had to throw out everything. One thing I did not adequately prepare for was handling the food I already had. If I had a hard cooler I would have been able to buy some ice and save some of the food. If you own a barbecue or propane stove you should be fine to cook off the food you have (as long as you're able to keep it cold). A good idea would be to cook off some of your meat before the storm comes to easily make sandwiches.

5. Get Some Baking/Snack Prepping Done

If you know that a storm is coming, and there's a possibility of an outage, why not get some baking done? Having readily available food that you enjoy available during the outage will make your life a lot easier. Things like muffins, cookies, etc don't need to be kept cold making them the perfect storm treats. Prewash fruit and vegetables to have healthy snacks available too. If you have to go a few days without your regular cooking your body will be begging for some healthier snacks.

6. Holiday Decorations

Ok, so hear me out on this one...check your collection of Halloween and Christmas decorations. I was surprised by how many I had that lit up by battery. These little things can be very helpful once the sun goes down.

7. Fairy Lights

You know those cute little lights on a string, similar to Christmas lights, that come in all sorts of fun shapes and colours. Every successful blogger has at least 10 product placement pictures on Instagram using these things. Not only are these gorgeous lights photogenic, but they are extremely handy when there's no light during an outage. These are the lights I used for moving around. They were easy to carry in case my hands were full, and the switch easily fit in my pocket.

8. Wipes

Having baby wipes handy is a great way to clean off your hands without wasting water. If you are lucky enough to still have running water it's a good idea to conserve it. Also having sanitizing wipes (such as Lysol wipes) available to clean off your counters and tables tops comes in handy.

9. Relax

Without power you may want to keep yourself occupied with activities to stay busy. Make sure you don't do anything too active simply because you won't be able to shower. The people around you don't need to smell that. Stick to things like board games, reading, drawing, etc.

10. Get Your Wash Done Ahead of Time

I am horrible for putting my wash off and saying "yeah, I'll do that tomorrow instead", especially when it comes to laundry. When a storm warning is coming your way make sure you get your laundry and dishes washed beforehand. You're going to have enough wash to do once the power comes back on, so you definitely don't want your mess from beforehand still hanging around.

11. Heat

If the power goes out during the colder months and you do not have a woodstove (or somewhere to go with heat) then I would recommend covering up any place in your home where a draft comes through (such as doors and windows).  You can use things such as thermal curtains, thick blankets or even tape up plastic tarps. This will help keep as much heat in the house as possible.

12. Handheld Fans

Handheld and battery-operated desk fans are very helpful to have during the warmer months. It's hard enough not having any electricity, fans are one of those little treasures that help make this difficult time a little easier. Bonus, most dollar stores sell these too so you don't have to break the bank.

13. Radio

Having a battery-operated radio is essential for outages. You'll need to conserve your phone's battery so use this as your source for listening to music. Without power chances are you will probably be without internet too. The radio may be your best source for up to dates news for your area. This includes free dinners and BBQs that some businesses and halls put on for the community.

This is my list of things to consider if there's a possibility of a power outage heading your way. Don't forget to check with your local power company for their power outage recommendations.

Do you have anything that helps make your life easier when the power goes out? Let me know in the comments below.


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