Shake Up Your Eyeshadow Routine With Coastal Scents

Your eyes are usually the first thing a person notices when they meet you. Some would say they are the window to your soul. As far as my makeup routine goes, my eyes are the area in which I allow myself the most room to play around and experiment with colour. Normally I prefer neutral shades such as tans/gold or pale pinks/peaches for my everyday eyeshadow looks. Every once in a while I like to throw in some brighter and bolder colours. Even though these bold colours can be a lot of fun to play around with, if they aren't used correctly my end results can look a little clownish.

This shouldn't stop you from trying out those fun colours you love. Adding a pop of colour to your eyelids can actually brighten up your eyes, making you look more awake. When I add a bright colour to an everyday eye makeup look there are two different ways I like to incorporate it:
  1. Blend the shade onto the outer V of my eyelid, meeting up with the wing of my eyeliner.
  2. Using  a flat brush, line the lash-line of my lower eyelid. This gives you the option to make the colour as bold as you'd like without it being too drastic.
In a previous post of mine, The Frosted Pineapple's Guide to Luxury Beauty on a Dime, I mention a brand I enjoy Coastal Scents. They are an American based cosmetics company that offer really good quality cosmetics at affordable prices. They always have sales going on, so you never know what kind of bargains you'll run into on their website. On top of having really good deals, they are killing it with their eyeshadow shades. If you're looking for some bright colours to add to your makeup bag, Coastal Scents has you covered.

I am currently an affiliate with Coastal Scents. This means that if you like what I show you and decide to buy it, I earn a small commission at no extra cost to you. All purchases help cover the costs to keep this blog running.

Before I start showing you some of the bold colours that are going to shake up your makeup routine, I'm going to start off by showing you a product from my very own wish-list. Every great makeup look starts off with some quality brushes. I could be biased about these brushes because they are my favourite colour, but this pack is full of essential that every makeup bag needs.

Brush Affair Collection 12 Brush Set in Minty Green

The little brush holder that comes with these brushes is perfect for saving space, especially when travelling. This is also a great choice for anyone going away to school. Dorm rooms can be cramped for space, so having your brushes organized in a space-cautious holder is one less thing to worry about.

I mentioned that Coastal Scents is killing it with their bright eye shadow colours and that is an understatement. They also sell all their colours as singles pots (no worries, they have palettes too) so you can order only the colours you actually want. They also sell empty palettes to hold your single eyeshadow pots in. The palettes are magnetic so your pots won't move around on you. There are great for anyone who wants to start small and build their rainbow palette up over time.

Empty Palette: 28 Shadows Solid Lid

Experimenting with different bold colours is a great way to see which shades work best with you. With neutral shades the general rule is to wear the hues that look best with your skin shade and eye colour. With bold and bright colours it's a completely different game. When it comes to bold colours you should pick ones that suit your style and mood, but also compliment your eyes. I always thought vivid purples and pinks were my go to colours for eyeshadow when I felt like wearing something a little more cheerful. After feeling adventurous and buying a sunny yellow shade I found in a clearance basket, I was surprised how much the colour complimented my eyes. It ended up being one of my favourite colours to work in with my everyday pink and coral shades.

If bold colours aren't something you normally work with, I would really recommend trying out every colour in the rainbow (starting with your favourite shades, of course) and seeing which shades you like best on you. Since bolder shades usually have more pigment than neutral shades, it is best to start with only a small amount on your brush since you can always add more as needed. If you start off with too much on your brush it could ruin your whole look. Always make sure you blend your shade in really well.

Now that I have given you a little introduction to working bright eyeshadow colours into your everyday makeup routine, let me introduce some of Coastal Scents' gorgeous shades. I have picked out 10 of my favourite bright shades to add a little pop of colour to your makeup bag. Did I mention these little pots are only $3 each? (Coastal Scents always has great sales going on, so they could be on for less on the day you choose to look at them too.) So take a look and go for something bold!

1. Jewel Teal
Here is a gorgeous shade to match those brushes I recommended earlier. This is one of the prettiest shades of teal eyeshadow I have ever seen. It has all those Under-The-Sea vibes for the days you just want to get away, but can't.

Hot Pot - Jewel Teal

2: Light Tangerine
Orange is a surprisingly under-rated eyeshadow shade, but it seriously makes almost every eye colour pop. This lighter shade has just enough brightness to add a pop of colour to your everyday look.
Hot Pot - Light Tangerine

3. Vampy
This shimmery rose pink is a beautiful shade for when you are in the mood for something a little more feminine. 
Hot Pot - Vampy

4. Python Green
This bold neon shade has enough personality to speak for your whole look. Line your lower lash-line or dab in you eye's corners to kick up an otherwise basic eye makeup look.
Hot Pot - Python Green 

5. Blue Hawaiian 
This shimmery bright blue is as beautiful as the water at a Hawaiian beach. It is the perfect shade to add in your outer corner to brighten up neutral tan eye makeup looks, or mix with a bright pink for a cotton candy themed look.
Hot Pot - Blue Hawaiian 

6. Bright Yellow
Remember what I said earlier about finding that yellow on a whim and how it ended up being one of my favourite shades to work with? Well if you haven't tried yellow yet, here is your chance...
Hot Pot - Bright Yellow

7. Baked Clay
A bold but gorgeous orange-red shade. This colour can easily be blended with golds and browns for a nice autumny look, or blend it with corals and pinks for a beautiful summer look.
Hot Pot - Baked Clay

8. Tart Purple
This is such a fun shade of purple, I couldn't ignore it. It's smooth, creamy and just bright enough to steal the show.
Blush Pot - Tart Purple

9. Chive Green
Lucy Hale rocked a look where she sported her whole eye done in a bold green eyeshadow, similar to Chive Green, to match her dress and kept the rest of her look simple. It is still one of my favourite looks of hers. I loved it so much I had to scout out a similar green for this list.
Hot Pot - Fresh Chive

10. Neon Bright Pink
Last but never least, a fabulous neon pink. This vibrant colour is a feminine classic. It is one of the most cheerful shades of pink out there. A little goes a long way with this one. Dab a speck on your outer corner for a hint of colour, or go bolder for a bright girly look that will make you stand out from the crowd.
Hot Pot - Neon Bright Pink

These are some of my favourite shades for when I want to add a pop of colour to my everyday look. Life is too short to wear the same neutral style everyday of the week, why not throw a fun colour or two in the mix.

If you really enjoy adding pops of colour to your look and would like to try out a palette with a rainbow of options, check out the Creative Me palette. There are so many beautiful shades to work with.

Creative Me Palette

Let me know in the comments what your favourite shade of eyeshadow is!


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