One Blogger's Review: David's Tea Frosted Cereal

One of my weaknesses in life is a hot cup of David's Tea. When I ordered my latest haul of tea I was in the mood for a nostalgic taste to take me back to my childhood. I wanted something that would remind me of my favourite goodies growing up, but without all the sugar. When I noticed they had a new flavour this season called Frosted Cereal my curiosity got the better of me.

Frosted Cereal, a tea which David's Tea describes as similar to "crave-worthy milk at the bottom of your cereal bowl." This sounded like the perfect choice for treating my taste buds to a blast from the past.

My first instinct was to rip the bag open and get a good whiff of the loose tea. The scent reminded me of a cross between Lucky Charms and fresh coconut cookies. Coconut and marshmallows were two of my favourite flavours when I was young.

Upon first glance I notice a variety of ingredients to make up this scrumptious smelling loose leaf mix. On the website David's Tea they list the following ingredients:
Apple, Carrots, Bean peels, Gluten free oats, Marshmallows (tapioca syrup, cane sugar, tapioca starch, carrageenan, soy protein, natural flavouring), Coconut chips (coconut, sugar), Gluten free cornflakes (corn, raw cane sugar, rice syrup, salt), Raisins, Goji berries, Quinoa, Vanilla pieces, Stevia extract, Natural vanilla and cream flavouring.

I normally don't enjoy raisins at all, but I was willing to make an exception and try them in this tea. If you have ever tried David's Tea Forever Nuts you've probably noticed a nice pink colour to it. That pink is from beets, a vegetable I refuse to eat but love in tea. If beets are one of the ingredients to my all-time favourite tea I can at least try a tea with a few raisins, right?

When I read comments from other tea lovers about Frosted Cereal I noticed they were all over the place. Some people loved every drop of it, while other people couldn't stand it. One thing I did notice many reviewers say was that it tastes best with milk. I will let you guys know right away that I did not try it with milk. Tea is something I've always drunk plain and did not want to ruin my experience by adding an ingredient I knew I wouldn't enjoy. 

My Verdict:

This is a pale tea, when it is ready it looks similar to a cup of murky water. Since the majority of the ingredients are on the paler side the drink will look cloudy. Luckily it smells way too good to let that cloudy look discourage me from trying it.

Most of the reviews I had read for Frosted Cereal mentioned that it wasn't very strong. Since it is a milder tea it tastes best if you use 1 1/2 spoonfuls of loose leaf instead of the usual 1 spoonful. If you try iced tea with it make sure you double that amount. 

This tea was hit for me, I loved as both hot and iced teas. One of my current goals is to cut back on sugar and this tea helped me satisfy my sweet tooth without the guilt of indulging in the treats that it smells like. The marshmallows and coconut make the tea slightly creamier than others. If you enjoy milk in your tea I can see why it's recommended with this flavour, maybe one day I will work up the courage to try it that way. Until then I will just enjoy the smooth and sweet flavour on it's own. 

Frosted Cereal is an easy-drinking tea that pairs best with Saturday morning cartoons. What's your favourite type of tea? Let me know in the comments below!


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