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What To Do When Your Blog Link Gets Banned On Twitter

Here's the situation, you have just finished a blog post and try to share it on Twitter only to recieve the message "Failed to load tweet". 
So you check your Twitter app and see that there is no problem sending other tweets or replying to accounts that you follow. Once again you try to tweet the link to your blog and recieve the same "Failed to load tweet" message. 
Twitter can be one of the best social media platforms to market your blog on if you use it right. Using hashtags such as #blogger and #bloggerstribe as well as sharing your link on Blog Train Threads (when a user asks for people to share the links to their latest posts in the comments section) can drive a lot of traffic to your webpage. Not being able to tweet the link to your webpage can be very frustrating, especially as you watch your daily views go down.

Sweet & Tangy Cucumber Mojito

After what felt like the longest winter of my life I can happily say that summer is finally here. There are a few things that are essential for every summer season such as fun prints, the scent of barbecue in every neighborhood, a playlist made specifically to give you island vibes and of course a refreshing cocktail (or mocktails) to cool off with.

I am a huge fan of mojitos. The lime and the mint mix surprising well together. I always thought the combination would be disgusting until I actually gave it a try. Now I have a mint plant in my garden so I can have fresh mint on hand whenever I want to have one.