Elusive Darlings: My First Channillo Series

As an avid reader I have grown to love the idea of ebooks. A few years ago that was something I never thought I would say. It is hard to beat the feeling of being the first one to crack open the pages of a new book. Oh, and that smell. Don't get me started on how amazing the smell of new books are.

I live in a community on the outskirts of a really small town surrounded by other small towns. If I want a specific book I either have to travel about an hour or order it online and wait. One of the perks about ebooks is that I can start reading as soon as I order the book.

My impatience isn't my main reason for loving ebooks though. The websites that sell ebooks are giving independent writers who can not afford to publish their work in hard copies a chance to publish their work online and sell it at a fair price. There are actually a lot more book options in the world of ebooks as well. 

This brings me to a little project of my own. I was contacted by Kara Klotz, the founder of Channillo to see if I would be interested in writing a series for Channillo. This was a website I wasn't familiar with so a little research was in order. 

Channillo is a website where readers pay monthly and can subscribe to book series online. They pay $4.99 and can subscribe to as many series as they want. The first month is free too! Writers of these series will release their work chapter by chapter. Some series release chapters weekly, others monthly, each one is different. 

I took some time to think of an idea for a novel that would be as exciting to write as it would be to read. Once I had my idea sorted out I jumped on the opportunity and pitched it to Channillo. To my surprise they liked it and welcomed me to write for them. 

On May 10, 2019, the first chapter to my first novel Elusive Darlings will be released on Channillo. You can subscribe to it here: Channillo: Elusive Darlings

What is Elusive Darlings about?

Elusive Darlings is a fictional mystery novel for young adults. It takes place during summer vacation when a group of friends take a trip out of town to their friend's vacation home. 


Mira Holt's friends mean the world to her. She trusts them more than anything and would do whatever it takes to make them happy.While her best friend Violet hasn't been herself lately due to a death in the family, Mira plans a getaway at her family's cottage. A leisurely trip away with the girls should cheer her up. The first night there was exactly what Violet needed to take her mind off of things. For the first time in a while she felt like things were going to be okay.That feeling was only temporary. Their plans of beaches and bonfires come to and end when the girls wake up the next morning to discover Mira is gone. Where did she go? Who was she with? Why was she so secretive about this?Mira's friends have no clue where to begin looking for her. The police don't take them seriously. All they have is determination, and these girls will not leave until they find out what happened to Mira.

The first chapter will be released May 10, 2019 and chapters will be available bi-weekly. I am very excited to share this project with you guys and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. 

If you want to subscribe you can follow this link Channillo: Elusive Darlings 


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