Make The Best of Your May

Hi everyone! I have had a bit of a hiatus on here, but I have been working on some spring and summer related projects that I can't wait to share with you guys over the next few weeks. Until then I am going to enjoy the air warming up and appreciate all this rain getting the gardens prepared for growing season.

The first sign that spring has actually arrived here is when the daffodils begin to bloom. That started last week, a beautiful yellow patch surrounded by dead leaves that were buried under the snow all winter. When it finally stops raining I will set an afternoon aside to clean the garden bed out and give everything room to grow.

May is a month for fresh starts. This year's winter was particularly long and if I'm being honest I wouldn't be surprised if it reared it's ugly head back one more time just to remind us of who's in charge. Once we finally give winter the boot we can open up the windows and freshen everything up inside.

For many people January 1 is the day they start to embark little changes. This is that New Year's Resolution I hear many people talking about. I love the idea of it, I'm all for positive life changes, but the timing is what doesn't work for me.

Ok, realistically if you have a goal you can and should start working towards it at any point in time. Of course you shouldn't wait for a certain date to begin reaching for what you want. That being said, the idea of the New Year's Resolution is to take a look at your life and think "what can I do to make it better?"

This is what brings me back to my choice in dates. May 1 vs January 1. I always found the beginning of January to be an ironic time to make these goals. The two most common resolutions are to eat healthier and save money. These are great goals, but for most of us our bank statements are frightening after the holidays so the idea of putting aside more money at a time when you need to focus on catching up can just end up making a person feel depressed. When they feel depressed or discouraged they're more likely to give up. Also the idea of suddenly eating healthier on January 1 is just ludacris when you see all the delicious sweets I was gifted over the holidays. I mean people spent their hard earned money and thought of me while purchasing those treats so it would be extremely rude of me to decide not to eat them.

May comes along and suddenly it's brighter, warmer and yes as cliche as it sounds I'm feeling more motivated. The air no longer hurts my face so I want to get out there and enjoy it. I am back to my normal eating and spending habits, so maybe this is a better time to make some changes. Let's make the most of our May!

Bring In The New
We tend to get comfortable in our daily routines. We know what we want and how we like it, especially when it comes to food. This month try something completely new to you. Whether it's a new restaurant, a recipe you saved on Pintrest that's been sitting there for years untouched, or just some food you've seen at the market but have never tried before. Trying something new and different can open up a whole new world of experiences for you. Think of this as one small step forward. Today you treat your tastebuds to a new experience, next week it could be your mind to a new adventire. I'll be trying spaghetti squash, what about you?

Re-Vamp the Old
Time to go your own closet that is. If you're one of those people who can fit their whole wardrobe in one suitcase then you can skip to the next paragraph. If you're like me and need more than one closet for your gear then sit down because this one's for you. There are probably at least a dozen outfits in that closet you don't wear because you're not aware they are there. They are pieces you never thought to pair together. This means it's time to put down that credit card and start checking out your favourite fashion blogs or celebrity street style for some inspiration. You bought those clothes for a reason so bring them out to play!

Stop Being Ignored
One of the crappiest things about adult life is that we don't always have enough time for our friends. Life can be very busy and next thing you know someone who was once your go-to person for all your stories is now someone you haven't seen in ages. Don't beat yourself up over this, it happens to all of us.

If you are reading this than you must have internet access, which means you probably have a cell phone. That little device can make it easy for you to stay in contact with the friends you can't see face to face as often as you'd like to. You've probably noticed a pattern in your friends' texting habits by now. You've noticed who always returns your messages vs who keeps to themselves. So if you have that friend you were once close with who now can't be bothered to ever reply to you, or worse yet replies 2-3 weeks later with an "omg I didn't see this until now" every freaking time, then it's time to value yourself first and stop. You're too good to be putting up with that kind of nonsense. You are a shining star and people should be happy you want to talk to them in the first place. This month it's time to appreciate the people who take time out of their busy day when you need a shoulder to cry on. You know who these people are in your life and you owe them a coffee (or beer..whatever you like) date for their awesomeness.

If you happen to be one of those people that's shutting out your friends, maybe this would be a good time to go through your list and ask yourself why. If you feel they are toxic then go ahead and delete them. If you are going through something and are not ready to talk about it at least pull up the courage to say "Hi" so this person doesn't walk around thinking you hate them. After all that friend may be going through something right now and it's sad to think that someone they could be turning to is shutting the door on them instead.

Make Memories, Not Excuses
This one is pretty self explanatory. Life is short, so have some fun. Put this summer into the books as one to remember. Plan a trip, go see your favorite band, explore some abandoned haunted houses...whatever your thrill is go enjoy it. Unless it's crack, always say "No" to crack.

Play Hard, Work Harder
Nobody gets ahead doing bare minimal. If you want to take part in those fun summer activities you're going to need some extra money. When is the last time you received a pay raise at work? There's a good chance you could be overdue for a raise so it's time you show them why. Make a list of all your daily tasks on the job and start brainstorming ways to improve on what you're already doing. Imagine if you owned the company, what would your ideal employee be like? Now become that worker and prove why you are worth it. We won't get where we want if we are only being mediocre about it. 

Remembering these 5 points will help you make the most of this May and get yourself prepared to have to have a spectacular summer. What do you hope to achieve this month? Let me know in the comments below. 


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