Celebrity Inspired Spring Fashion on a Budget

Spring has finally made it. The sun is shining brighter, the air is warming up, and we're all ready to say goodbye to those bitter cold winter storms for good. All I really want to do right now is lounge around in a bathing suit, soak up the sun, and drink from a coconut.
Let's not get ahead of ourselves here. I mean it's only mid-March and I do live in Canada, so it will be a few months before that happens. Don't be too disappointed though, it is finally time to start planning those spring outfits. 

Soon enough we can finally pack up those heavy coats and fleece sweaters. It will still be too chilly for bathing suits, but there will be no need to bundle up in multiple layers. You could also look at it as "time to strut around in my cutest outfits without having to worry about sweating or shivering."

When it comes to fashionable spring looks, our favourite celebrities are always serving us the best ones. I did some looking around to find the best celeb inspired spring looks that won't break the bank. I came across the online clothing store Zaful. They are US based, but they ship internationally so you can change the currency to your home country. You guys should check out their site because they have some amazing sales (and I could earn a small commission to keep this blog running). 

Cropped Sweaters 
So it's not cold enough for a jacket, but it's still too chilly for a t-shirt. A cropped sweater is perfect for these types of days.  
Selena Gomez (left) pairs a gray loose fitted cropped sweater with a high waisted skirt and simple black high heels. This look is stylish, but also very comfortable. Emma Roberts (middle) wears a golden cropped sweater with flared jeans and playful animal print heels. She adds a few accessories to dress up this casual look. Vanessa Hudgens (right) stands out from the crowd with her perfect date night attire. Her hot pink cropped sweater definitely turned a few heads. The always stylish Vanessa pairs her sweater with a long printed skirt and glamorous heels to complete her ensemble. 

You need to get a cropped sweater...or two, or three for your spring wardrobe this year. They are the perfect match to a high waisted skirt. Checkout some of the great finds below to get yours. 
Orange Drawstring Waist $12.99 USD
Teal Frilled Cropped Sweater $23.99 USD

Off Shoulder
Off the shoulder style gives a fun and flirty spin on spring blouses/dresses. It makes your outfit look romantic and also gives your shoulders a sneak peak of the sun to get them ready for summer.
I am loving Lili Reinhart's (left) striped off the shoulder blouse. It's a versatile top that can be casual or dressed up for a night out. The crochet pattern on Shay Mitchell's (right) off shoulder dress adds a feminine touch to simple piece. Check out some of the off shoulder looks from Zaful below and snag a couple off shoulder tops just in time for spring.

Shirt Dress
A spring essential! They're comfortable, casual and office friendly. Skip the pants and go for the shirt dress. 
Priyanka Chopra (left), Emma Watson (middle), and Lucy Hale (right) are all keeping it casual with their shirt dresses. This style of dress is flattering for all body types. You can make it sexy with strappy heels like Lucy does, or keep it low key with a matching belt like Priyanka. You can not go wrong with a shirt dress. 

I love these dresses because they give the illusion that you look professional, but they they feel as comfortable as your favourite lounge clothes. 

Which spring fashion trend is your favourite? Let me know in the comments below. 

*The price of these items could change with your country's currency if you are not US based. often has sales running, so there's a good chance you can find what you're after for even less.*


  1. Love these pieces for the warmer weather! Great post!

  2. These are tips and looks for a chilly spring! I love the idea about wearing a cropped sweater because I wore mine's this week. Great minds do think alike!

  3. These pieces are all so cute! Great post


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