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Workout Tips For Beginners: Post Workout Pain Relief

One thing I am completely guilty of is taking long extended breaks between workouts. I mean like 2-3 month vacation style breaks. What can I say? My couch is so much more inviting than my treadmill.

10 Kitchen Gadgets Under $10 You Didn't Know You Needed

Nothing speaks to me like comfort food. A nice hot meal on a cool rainy day. Those frozen meals just don't cut it. I need a meal made with fresh ingredients to keep me happy.

Celebrity Inspired Spring Fashion on a Budget

Spring has finally made it. The sun is shining brighter, the air is warming up, and we're all ready to say goodbye to those bitter cold winter storms for good. All I really want to do right now is lounge around in a bathing suit, soak up the sun, and drink from a coconut.

DIY Fabric Spray Recipe

It's almost time for spring to step it's foot through the door. Already the air is getting milder, the snow is starting to melt away, and the sun is shining a little brighter. It feels as though spring is already here.

A DIY Tutorial: Cinnamon Lip Plumping Scrub

Let's talk about lips. Full, plump, smooth lips that can wear any lipstick colour like a second skin. I love the look of bold colourful lipstick, but if your lips aren't perfectly smooth it will look cracked and messy.

Are They Worth It? Lush Secret Arts Jelly Bomb

Yesterday I had the day booked off of work so I could take a day trip to Halifax and do a bit of shopping before going to a concert in the evening. As we're passing through the mall all I notice is this amazing floral smell, so I follow my nose and wind up at Lush.