Hi Everyone,

First I want to say thank you for checking out my page. I am beyond excited to begin creating posts for you guys. First thing I would like to do is introduce my blog and let you know what it is about.

What Is The Frosted Pineapple?

Choosing a name for my blog was one of the trickiest parts. I didn't want to use my name, I wanted something more fun and creative. I wanted a name that readers would remember but would also suit the type of content I will be posting.

I will admit that I had a craving for something sweet while playing around with name ideas. One of the first things that came to mind was Pineapple. Pineapple is one of my favourite things to eat. They are juicy, delicious, healthy and overall I feel good when I eat one. I inspire to create posts that readers will enjoy just as much as I enjoy pineapple.

I chose Frosted because I also had cake on my mind...and cake is always better when it's frosted!

What to expect from The Frosted Pineapple?

The Frosted Pineapple is a blog aimed at young women who want to live thier best life while staying with in thier budget.

I will be sharing posts that will give you guys information and inspiration to create a beautiful living space, enhance your beauty and skincare routine, and tackle any issue that could be interrupting your happiness.
Owning a home (or even renting one) can be pretty costly so decorating one shouldn't have to be. I will be sharing some diy projects that's are fun, inexpensive and nice enough you will actually want to put them on display.

With all the beauty trends that come and go it can be hard to keep up. I will be testing out budget friendly products and letting you guys know the results so you'll know if they are worth the buy. I am also a huge fan of doing at home spa nights and home remedies. There are various products that you probably already have in your kitchen that could be used to put together your own spa night. I'm excited to share share these tips with you because beauty doesn't always have to cost a fortune.

Over the next few weeks I will be working at setting this page up and creating new content for you guys. I hope you enjoy what's coming up!

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