Are Charcoal Hair Masks Really Worth It?

A Canadian winter really is beautiful...if you're inside sitting by the fire with a hot drink, that is.

This time of year can be so rough on our skin. I find myself reaching for hand lotion and lip balm almost ten times more than I would any other time of year. On top of that my hair suffers too. It's so dry and brittle, my ends are just screaming for moisture. 
In the picture above you can see how dry and damaged my hair is. I have split ends (I know, I'm way over due for a trim) and fly always. This just won't do!

It seems like charcoal is showing up just about everywhere lately. From face masks, to teeth whitening, and even in icecream. So why not try a charcoal hair mask? 

What benefits does charcoal have on your hair though? 
Charcoal will pick up dirt and oil that's built up on your hair. It is known for pulling out toxins and purifying the follicle, which will leave your hair silly smooth. Your hair should feel lighter and have more volume. It will also soothe and calm an irritated scalp (getting rid of dandruff too). 

All of this sounds pretty damn good to me. But is it true what they say about charcoal? Only one way to find out. 
So the brand I decided to try was #DetoxMe. This came from Winners. If you cant find one at your local Winners they have various brands of charcoal hair masks available on (or 

If you're a diy kind of woman then you can make your own. All you need is 3 tbsp activated charcoal, 2 tbsp aloe vera and 1 tbsp water (or rose water). Mix it together and voila!

I tried this mask out in the evening. To get prepared for this I wanted to make sure I wasn't wearing a shirt that I had to pull over my head. I just wore a bath robe so I could easily remove it without the worry of getting product all over it. I applied the mixture working it from my roots to the ends. 
My first thought was that this stuff looks like they gray stuff from Beauty and the Beast. I thought it would be black like the charcoal face masks I have used. The diy version is darker than this one.
The smell is a bit strong, but it's a pleasant scent so I'm not worried about it.

Once I had the product all worked in my hair I put my hair up in a shower cap to prevent it from leaking. If you don't have a shower cap you can always use a plastic shopping bag and clip it in place.

I let the product set for 15 minutes like it was recommended, then I rinsed it out.

As I was rinsing the mask out of my hair I could already feel a difference in how soft my hair was. When my hair is wet it is normally very tatty and a nightmare to brush out. I usually wait until it drys so it's not such a headache. After using the charcoal mask my hair was so silky, I could easily brush through it while wet. There wasn't a single knot.

The picture above is my hair right after the mask. It looks sleeker and healthier. Although my flyaways aren't 100% gone, they have improved greatly. But the true test will be what my hair is like the next morning when I style it.

Over all I am very pleased with this product. I love how soft and shiny my hair is after using it. My hair didn't tangle up as much as it usually does. The only con I found with this product is that my hair was very flat afterwards. The part about charcoal giving your hair more volume didn't prove to be true for me. I naturally have fine hair so it doesn't have the most volume to it. The results could be different with a different hair type. 

If winter has your hair in a dull state than I would highly recommend giving it a boost with a charcoal hair mask. You deserve it!

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