8 Things To Do On Sunday So You Feel Refreshed For Monday

One simple joy in life is a lazy Sunday. There's no alarm to wake me up from my cozy slumber. There's time to make an indulgent breakfast with all the fixings. There's no rush which makes it the perfect day for self rejuvenation.

If you work weekends maybe your Sunday is a Tuesday or Thursday. Whatever day of the week it falls on for you, it's the most essential one for taking care of yourself.

As adults we often get so busy with work and wrapped up in everything we need to do in life that we tend to neglect our own well being.
Unfortunately if you work a full week by the time your weekend arrives there's so much to do that you can't always devote an entire day to a lazy Sunday, so you should at least try to give yourself the evening.

Today I'm going to share some ideas with you on things you could do Sunday evenings to help yourself feel refreshed and rejuvenated on Monday morning.

1. Make a List:
Write down a list of everything you would like to accomplish during the week ahead. Whether it's a recipe you want to try one night, a household chore that you keep putting off, or a goal you have at work for the week. This is one little step in creating productive habits and will help you feel more organized going into the new week.

2. Comfort Food Is A Must
No Sunday evening is complete without a comfort meal to warm your belly. It could be an old fashion spaghetti dinner or takeout from your favourite restaurant, whatever it is pick something that's more important for your soul than your diet. You have the rest of the week to eat sensible.

3. At Home Spa Night:
Never underestimate the feel good power of a bath. Light some candles, grab your favourite bath bomb and fill that tub up. Get your pretty self in that water and unwind for a while. 

You should also go see what's in your kitchen cupboards and whip up a facial to bring out your best glow. You can find so many ideas for one in one of my other posts:
15 Natural Ingredients For Flawless Skin

Give yourself a little foot rub, or have your significant other do it for you, and unwind for the night.

4: Catch Up On Some Reading:
What's a drink that helps you unwind? Red wine? Chamomile tea? Whatever it is go pour yourself a glass of it, get under a nice cozy blanket and pick up one of the many books in your "to read" pile.

5: Netflix and Chill:
Time to slip into something more comfortable, grab the remote and catch up on your favourite TV series (or finally watch some of those movies you've been meaning to check out). Put your feet up and escape reality for a few hours. Don't forget to bring snacks!

6: Practice Yoga:
Do something good for your body and stretch it out without wearing yourself out. Practice a few yoga poses and have yourself feeling relaxed for a good night's sleep so you can kick Monday's ass.

7: Create Something:
Put on some of your favourite tunes and let those creative juices begin flowing. Whether you draw, write, paint, play music or just want to try out some diy projects you found on Pintrest, get to it!
If you're not the creative type write down some thoughts in a journal. Talk about any events that happened this past week and how you felt about them. It will help clear your head.

8: Get Outside:
Put on some comfortable shoes and take a walk. Fresh air and excercise are essential for your well being. Visit some of your favourite local scenic spots. Enjoy the moment and take some gorgeous nature photos.

However you like to unwind, make sure you spend the last few hours of your weekend doing so. It is so important for your well being to take a time out and just relax. Your Monday will suck a little less if you go into it feeling well rested and rejuvenated.

What are some of tour favourite ways to unwind at the end of the week? Comment below!


  1. Nice post! I am all about a lazy Sunday; it's wonderful. I also totally relate to taking the time for self-care. For me, this is usually a quiet time, away from screens or any activity. Also, love the layout of your posts and the use of pictures. Very effective!

    1. Thankyou! You're right, sometimes a quiet break away from it all is just what a person need. 😊

  2. Thank you for sharing! It's good to remind ourselves to have a Sunday (and/or evening) for ourselves...

    Definitely a full, home skincare and mask session would do the trick for me (while netflix-ing and chilling!)

    J x

    1. That's exactly what I was thinking. I'm glad you enjoyed it. 😊


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