Grandma's Life Hacks

There are two things that always stick out to me about my grandmother's place when I visit. One is that everything she owns is in immaculate condition, the coffee table looks exactly the same as it did back in 1982 when she bought it. At least that's when she claims she bought it!

10 House Warming Gifts Under $30 People Will Actually Love

Moving into a new place is a huge stepping stone in life, especially when it's your own place. There's so much to learn and experience on this journey. It can be a mixture of joy, excitement, exhaustion and stress all wrapped up in one.

8 Things To Do On Sunday So You Feel Refreshed For Monday

One simple joy in life is a lazy Sunday. There's no alarm to wake me up from my cozy slumber. There's time to make an indulgent breakfast with all the fixings. There's no rush which makes it the perfect day for self rejuvenation.

The Best Natural Remedy For Cleansing Pores

I can't deny that I am guilty of quite a few not-so-skin-friendly habits. I love to wear makeup, especially highlighter on my cheekbones (and everywhere else because a girl needs to shine!) and liquid lipsticks (which tend to clog pores around the lips like crazy).

15 Natural Ingredients For Flawless Skin

Home remedies are amazing for two particular reasons:

1. They're safe and use natural ingredients.  2. They're incredibly budget friendly.

Are Charcoal Hair Masks Really Worth It?

A Canadian winter really is beautiful...if you're inside sitting by the fire with a hot drink, that is.


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